Everything You Need To Know About The New OLED Steam Deck – SlashGear

The standout feature of the Steam Deck OLED is, of course, the organic light-emitting diode screen. This mirrors Nintendo’s own revision of the Switch, with an OLED version arriving on October 8, 2021, some four years after the launch of the original console. Like the Nintendo Switch, this new Steam Deck isn’t a proper successor; in fact, it is more like a premium option. Yet, the addition of the OLED screen addresses one of the most requested features for an upgraded Steam Deck and will make games look better than ever before when played in handheld mode.

The reason behind this is that OLED screens use self-illuminating LEDs rather than a backlight to light the entire display. This allows blacks to be shown as dark as they should be, giving a fantastic contrast between vivid colors and dark shades. OLED screens also offer a number of other advantages, including that they are usually much lighter than LCD screens and have wider viewing angles.

Valve promises that the Steam Deck OLED will show games with “more colors, pure blacks, and amazing motion rendition.” The HDR technology will also allow for better contrast and clarity compared to the original Steam Deck, giving a striking new look to your games.