V6 Or Inline-Six: Which Engine Layout Is Better? – SlashGear

Due to its “spread” and relative simplicity, the inline-six engine is easier to work on and mod. It’s even slightly cheaper to produce than the V6 engine. What’s more, it’s more durable than the V6. So, why is it a lot less common than the V6?

The answer is money. The V6 sits at a spot where it can be a premium four-cylinder option or a cheaper V8 replacement. Car manufacturers can use a V6 engine across several platforms, reducing production costs and maximizing profit thanks to its scalability. Nowadays, you’ll only find an inline-six in cars made for enthusiasts.

In contrast, you can easily find V6 cars everywhere. Take the Ford Mustang, for instance; while the most powerful Ford Mustangs are typically V8s, Ford always tries to create a more accessible V6 option. With the V6’s form factor, there is no need to worry about changing the car’s design or chassis to suit the more powerful V8.