Hands-Free Entertainment: Getting The Most Out Of Amazon Fire TV Voice Search – SlashGear

The only weakness of the Fire TV remote is that, if you lose the remote, it suddenly becomes much harder to control your TV. Even this, though, is not an unsalvageable situation. 

If you have a standalone Alexa device in your home, you can use its voice command function to continue controlling your TV. A Fire TV, much like any Amazon-made device, can be synced up with existing Alexa devices in your home, allowing you to control it with voice commands even without your remote.

If you’re within audible range of an Alexa speaker, you can get its attention by saying “Alexa,” then following up with a command like “pause,” “rewind five seconds,” or “watch from beginning.” As long as your Fire TV is synced up to your Alexa network, Alexa will automatically forward commands to the TV to control playback. 

While it’s a bit unwieldy, you can also command Alexa to navigate through apps with commands like “scroll up” and “select.” Incidentally, all of these commands also work with your remote’s voice command button.