This High-Tech Scale Unlocks Health Details You Used To Need A Doctor For – SlashGear

Aside from ECG, the Withings smart scale also measures regular heart rate and calculates the vascular age based on arterial activity and wellness. The company says it calculates vascular using a patented tech, offering users an invaluable insight into their heart’s health vis-a-vis the medical norm for their particular age. The device can also measure the body’s calorie burn rate, a metabolic marker that is commonly known as BMR and is directly linked to a person’s diet and workout patterns.

The Body Scan, which is set to go on sale in September for $399.95, is also capable of deeper body system assessment. Withing calls it “segmental body composition,” a metric that is achieved using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). This holistic approach includes assessing the body water percentage, fat percentage (overall and visceral), as well as muscle and bone mass for the entire body and individual parts, too.

Withing says all this critical health data is measured within three seconds of passing an electrical signal through the handgrip. Segmental body composition allows an unprecedented level of insight into body system and limb activity by measuring localized fat and mass distribution. For athletes and people living with muscle-related health issues, such deep analysis not only makes it easier to spot the problems, but also paves the way for quick diagnosis and recovery.