8 Of The Best Smart Water Bottles To Ensure You Stay Hydrated – SlashGear

The WateReminder smart water bottle is perhaps the flashiest smart bottle on the market. Before that, however, a little about the bottle itself. It’s built with stainless steel and insulated. The bottle is sturdy but has a relatively small capacity, holding only 430 milliliters (roughly 14.5 fluid ounces), so you’ll have to fill it up more frequently than other bottles. While its carrying capacity is diminished, it more than makes up for it with style.

Like a few other smart bottles, the WateReminder smart bottle has an associated smartphone app available on Android and iOS. As you drink, a built-in sensor measures the distance between it and the water surface to determine how much you’ve consumed and shares that information with the app. It comes with an included magnetic charger which charges your bottle in about an hour and lasts for approximately 10 days on a charge.

In addition to tracking your consumption, the lid is equipped with a small, round, high-definition LCD touchscreen display. You can use that display to give you water reminders (in addition to vibration reminders), track your hydration goals, see the temperature of your drink, set productivity or exercise timers, and show off your favorite photos. It will also show you water expiration reminders if you haven’t opened your bottle in a while. Even from a distance, everyone will know you’re drinking in the future.