Mark Cuban Will Exit ABC Hit Series ‘Shark Tank’ After Season 16 – SlashGear

Mark Cuban may be one of the most well-known sharks on “Shark Tank,” but the billionaire has a lot of other responsibilities and not having to do the show would free up more time for his other ventures. In January 2022, Cuban started the Cost Plus Drugs company, a public benefit corporation that aims to drive down pharmaceutical prices by offering consumers lower prices for generic drugs. According to the Harvard Political Review, running the company alongside his business partner, Dr. Alex Oshmyansky, takes up a considerable portion of Cuban’s time and energy.

In an email to Inc., Cuban wrote that his primary motivation for leaving “Shark Tank” is to spend more time with his family, certainly a relatable rationale. “I have three kids, 14, 17, and 20,” he wrote. “They are getting close to that age when they will be on their own. I want to try to have my summers to spend family time with them before they want to talk to me even less than they do today.” However, with one more season to go before he leaves “Shark Tank,” fans still have plenty of time to see Cuban before he departs.