5 Of The Best Bosch Power Tools Under $200 – SlashGear

While a power drill will be able to get the job done for most of your DIY projects, a hammer drill will be needed where the regular power drill just doesn’t cut it. For example, a hammer drill will excel at drilling into concrete, whereas another drill will struggle mightily. This type of drill would typically be needed while working in a basement, so keep that in mind before tackling a project down there. 

Bosch offers two different types of hammer drills. The corded one will offer less versatility, but at $119, it comes in at a lower price. The tradeoff here is much lower user scores — 3.4 out of five average rating — and buyers note the tool is prone to fail over time. If you plan on using the drill a lot, you might be better off spending a bit more and going cordless. In doing so, you’ll bump the price up to $169 from the Lowes website, but you’ll be able to travel around a bit more while using it. The cordless drill can output 975 inch-pounds of max torque, so it should be able to handle just about anything you throw at it. Bosch’s cordless drill also has much higher user reviews — a 4.9 out of five rating from buyers, making it much more reliable than the corded option.