Why It’s Time For Toyota To Resurrect The Beloved MR2 – SlashGear

Toyota throwing all of its current and upcoming vehicles onto the same platform likely doesn’t fare well for a future compact sports car, much less a mid-engine one. That said, the automotive landscape is in desperate need of options in the segment that aren’t prohibitively expensive. 

It doesn’t even need to be necessarily that powerful. Even the spiciest North American version of the MR2, the turbocharged second generation, only generated 200 horsepower. It was never meant to be a record setter, although it did possess a very impressive 5.8 second zero to 60 time at its fastest.

As for what powerplant a modern MR2 would use, the BMW-themed inline-six found in the Supra would be too big, and betray the overall character of the MR2. The 1.6-liter in the GR Corolla hatchback could fit the bill nicely. It’s certainly small displacement, but it puts out plenty of oomph at 300 horsepower. The GR Corolla also benefits from an all-wheel drive system that would lend itself to a modern MR2’s handling characteristics.

Despite the brand’s ill-deserved staid reputation, Toyota currently puts out not just the tame Prius, but also a completely redesigned Tacoma with versions like the PreRunner that are perfectly suited for enthusiasts. Cars like the GR Corolla, GR86, and every version of the Supra are icing on the cake. 

A resurrected and redesigned MR2 for the 2020s probably wouldn’t sell thousands of units, but it would help Toyota get back some of its enthusiast mojo.