Which Phones Have The Better Warranty – iPhone Or Samsung?

The warranties offered by Samsung and Apple are pretty much on par. While the wording is different, the intent is clear – any damage that’s caused by the user will not be covered. While Samsung offers DIY repairs with official support through iFixit, this isn’t listed as an option under warranty, unlike Apple.

Samsung, however, has the upper hand when it comes to battery repairs and replacements, which isn’t surprising given the Galaxy Note 7’s exploding battery fiasco. While Samsung has very stringent conditions surrounding battery repairs, it factors in excess battery degradation, unlike Apple.

Finally, when it comes to extended coverage, Apple has the upper hand only because of price. While SamsungCare+ plans have a cheaper starting price for its entry-level and mid-range devices, the plans for its flagship phones are significantly more expensive than AppleCare+ for iPhones. While AppleCare+ maxes out at $269 for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, SamsungCare+ goes up to $329 for the Galaxy Z Fold series and S23 Ultra 1TB variant.

The warranties provided by both companies are nearly identical on paper, but Apple does have the slight edge thanks to listing DIY repairs under warranty and offering cheaper premium coverage for its most expensive iPhones.