This Trick Makes Hearing Dialogue On Your Amazon Fire TV Much Easier – SlashGear

The Amazon Fire TV has a couple of audio settings that can enhance the dialogue. Depending on what version of Fire OS your Fire TV is running, these options might be different. Here’s how to enhance dialogue on newer Fire TV devices like the Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Stick 4K Max:

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu.

  2. Select Display & Audio.

  3. Scroll down to Audio.

  4. Select Advanced Audio.

  5. Go to Dialogue Enhancer and press the select button on the remote to enable it.

Amazon says that this setting boosts the vocals to make dialogue easier to understand, technically increasing the volume of speech and reducing background sound. While in this Advanced Audio settings menu, you can also enable Volume Leveler. This setting keeps the volume levels consistent across all content and streaming apps.

If you have a device that’s running an older version of Fire OS, enable this setting to improve dialogue instead:

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Select Display & Sounds.

  3. Select Sound Settings.

  4. Enable Auto Volume.

Like Volume Leveler, Auto Volume evens out the sound, so that quiet dialogue becomes more audible, and noisy background sounds like explosions aren’t so loud.