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TL;DR: Keep your phone in your pocket and your eye on your exercise goals with the Health Smart Watch. For only $42.99 (reg. $59), it can track eight different health metrics, offers seamless Bluetooth calling, and more.

As we get older, it becomes more and more vital to keep a sharp eye on our health to ensure our minds and bodies are cared for. It can be hard to keep track without help, but fortunately, the Health Smart Watch is an easy solution.

For only $42.99 (reg. $59), you can add a wearable smart device to your wrist that keeps your health and fitness a priority. You’ll also get other features, like Bluetooth connectivity.

On the health side, this smart watch tracks eight metrics, including heart rate variation (HRV), heart rate, blood pressure, stress, sleep quality, oxygen saturation, and the metabolic equivalent of task (MET.) It also has tracking functions for over 50 different types of exercise, keeping a record of data like steps, time active, and other helpful information.

Prioritizing health and wellbeing doesn’t have to break the bank

The Health Smart Watch also has sedentary alerts to keep your body active, and guided breathing to help you relieve stress and fatigue. View notifications and tracking info on the AMOLED screen, which saves power while providing a 1.43″ screen for clear readings.

In addition, this smart watch offers easy Bluetooth pairing so you can answer calls and texts from your phone on your watch, the ability to check the weather, access AI voice commands, and much more.

Get the Health Smart Watch for just $42.99 for a limited time.

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