The Top 10 Reasons Why People Say They Prefer iPhone Over Android – SlashGear

iPhones are highly regarded for their security, largely due to Apple’s closed ecosystem, which makes it harder for malware to infiltrate these devices. This security aspect is one of the reasons many users prefer iPhones, as they feel safeguarded by Apple’s strong focus on privacy and security. Regular system updates are crucial in maintaining this security, with the primary vulnerability being phishing scams where users might inadvertently share their passwords.

The debate between Android and iPhone users often highlights facial recognition technology. Although Android introduced this feature first, it had vulnerabilities, such as being tricked by a photo. When Apple introduced facial recognition in iPhones, the company resolved these security issues, making it one of the most secure options available.

Furthermore, the App Store’s strict guidelines and vetting processes ensure that all apps downloaded are free from viruses and transparent in their operations, including clear disclosures of charges. As of now, iPhones don’t allow app installations from outside the App Store without jailbreaking.

iPhone users also enjoy added protection with a system called Secure Enclave to ensure your most sensitive data remains hidden. If something does go wrong, there is a processor on an iPhone that’s separate from the main processor whose sole purpose is to perform a backup in the event of an attack.