The Best Heart Rate Monitor Chest Straps Of 2023, Ranked – SlashGear

To be frank, the Coospo H808S isn’t the best heart rate monitor chest strap on the market. But it gets the job done, and what earns its spot on this list is that it does so at a much lower cost than the competition. You can purchase a Coospo H808S for around $30, which is significantly less than flashier options from Garmin, Polar, Wahoo, and others.

Despite being a lot cheaper, the chest strap still has all the basic features you’d want in a heart rate monitor. It’s compatible with several apps and fitness equipment, like Nordic and Peloton. It’s accurate and has got both Bluetooth and ANT+ for dual-pairing. Its soft strap is comfortable enough and can be adjusted between 65 to 95 cm.

The Coospo H808S has more color options than most of its pricier competition, with black and white monitors and black, red, and blue straps. However, one drawback of this budget-friendly option is its smaller battery. It lasts about 300 hours before needing replacement, while others on this list can go for 400–500 hours.