5 Of The Best Standing Desk Lifehacks To Master Your Space – SlashGear

Contrary to the point of having a standing desk, sitting and walking around intermittently while using a standing desk is the best approach. Just as sitting constantly is not good for your body, standing all day in a stationary position is not great either. Instead, people should focus on creating a somewhat regimented schedule using an alarm, smart clock, or phone app to remind them to stand, sit down, and take a walk. Better yet, the alarm can also remind people to drink water for even greater health benefits.

The intervals between alarms should be whatever is most comfortable to you and your body type, and you can break up your intervals however you please. So, for instance, you could sit for 15 minutes, stand for 45 minutes, then take a short stroll. Or, if you’d prefer, you could stand for 15 minutes, sit for 45, and ease your way into using your standing desk more. Whatever is most comfortable for your body is what you should do.