Microsoft Could Bring Its Copilot AI To Windows 10 After All – SlashGear

At first glance, adding Copilot to Windows 10 may seem like an unnecessary waste of resources, since Microsoft currently plans to end support for the older OS in October 2025. However, Windows 10 is currently the operating system for over a billion Windows devices across the globe, compared to the 400 million active devices using Windows 11. By retrofitting the older OS, even if its days are numbered, Microsoft will be able to introduce Copilot to a much wider audience. 

It’s not just its direct customers Microsoft is reportedly looking to persuade, either. By integrating Copilot with Windows 10, there’s a much stronger incentive for third-party developers to work on plugins and other applications for Copilot, as opposed to rival LLMs like ChatGPT and Google Bard. “The more users Copilot has,” explains Bowden, “the bigger reason a developer has to code for Copilot instead of a competitor.”

Considering the importance Windows 10 has for the future of Copilot and Microsoft’s foothold in the AI industry, it may seem odd that the company plans to end support for the OS within two years. But, according to Bowden’s report, internal discussions are currently being held about possibly extending Windows 10 support. In the meantime, the older platform may still get some new features and services that Windows 11 users enjoy. “Copilot is just one of a handful of features that the company is planning to backport to the older OS,” writes Bowden.