Hulu’s Black Friday Deal Is An Absolute Steal As Long As You Don’t Mind Ads – SlashGear

Since Disney owns a majority stake in Hulu, it’s made moves in the last few years to incorporate the streaming service with its platform, Disney+. If you’d like to get Disney+ in addition to this super-bargain Hulu sub, there is an option for it for the duration of Black Friday.

While the $0.99 a month offer is valid, you can add an additional $2.00 to your subscription to receive Disney+ access. Again, much like with the discount Hulu plan, this discounted Disney+ plan is at the ad-supported tier, so you will need to endure ads while viewing. Still, that’s a grand total of $2.99 a month for 12 months, adding up to about $36 in total for access to two different streaming libraries. Even with ads, it ain’t a bad deal at all.

The only question mark on this deal is what might happen to your subscription in the event Disney completes its bid to buy Hulu entirely and merge the services. At the time of writing, this so-called “one-app experience” is not yet finalized, but presumably, any existing Hulu or Disney+ subscriptions would carry over into the new framework.