How To Find The Perfect Holiday Gifts With Google’s New AI Tool – SlashGear

Google’s Search Generative Experience, or SGE, aims to make “Googling it” much more informative and convenient than before. One facet of this is advertising. As Google Ads VP & GM Vidhya Srinivasan stated in a May 2023 Google Blog post before the beginning of the SGE’s rollout, one of the system’s objectives is to “continue to shape the advertiser and user experience as we create and surface the most relevant ads that meet peoples’ needs at any given moment.” Of course, ads specifically tailored to search queries submitted are nothing new (Google features like Topics have helped with ads’ visibility), but this new AI tool is somewhat more sophisticated than that.

With the sheer extent of results that a general Google search can provide, the company now seems to focus on quality over quantity — the right results rather than far too many general ones to wade through. For example, a simple search for “butterfly gift ideas” returns about 123,000,000 results. It’s very helpful for narrowing things down further to ensure you can please that butterfly enthusiast in your life.

The core concept of the SGE is to provide subcategories based upon such a search that the user can then peruse, thereby allowing them to more efficiently browse the sort of item their giftee will appreciate most this holiday season. Here’s how to use it for yourself.