How And When To Use The Rear Brake On Your Motorcycle – SlashGear

All you have to do to activate your rear brake is depress the pedal in front of your right footrest. You want to do this in conjunction with your front break pretty much any time you’re trying to slow your bike because even though the front brake is stronger, the rear brake provides more control. Meanwhile, the front brake is typically located on the right handlebar.

Gradually applying pressure to both of them at the same time allows the rider to combine the hard stopping power of the front brake and the smooth stability of the back brake simultaneously. But this isn’t the case always.

Big Apple Motorcycle School states, “In slow speed maneuvers, especially with the handlebars turned, the front brake provides too much power and should be avoided.” In addition, using the rear brake alone is also useful for ‘rolling stops’ and low-speed clutch control situations as it allows you to keep your right hand firmly on the throttle. Use of the rear brake will also ensure the front wheel stays down when accelerating.