4 Useful Ryobi Tools To Clear Your Rain Gutters And Downspouts – SlashGear

A power washer is typically used to clean off your car, driveway, and the siding of your house — but they are also quite useful on gutters. The cordless Ryobi power cleaner allows you to climb the ladder and spray out your gutter easily. You’re getting up to 600 PSI of power, which would be more than enough to blast away leaves. You can pick up the washer for $119 from Home Depot, but keep in mind the price is just for the tool.

As for how it holds up among buyers, this cordless power washer has a four out of five average rating on Home Depot’s website. The lower power output is one of the big concerns, but as long as you know what you’re getting into, it should work just fine. For example, it just might not have enough juice to get a stain out of your driveway. It is, however, compatible with the other 18V Ryobi tools in the ONE+ line. This means you can use the same batteries with those tools that you can with this. You can connect this to a hose or use a standalone 2-liter bottle to make it fully portable.