The 5 Best Free Apps To Limit Screen Time On Android – SlashGear

The SPACE app, formerly known as Breakfree, is designed to help you cut back on the time accessing your phone. This is done by manually putting in the amount of unlocks you’re allowed to have on your phone per day, and by putting a limit on overall time used. You do have the ability to exclude phone calls from SPACE, so missing out on something important (or being kept from making an emergency call) shouldn’t be an issue.

You also have the ability to exclude certain apps from being counted, so you’ll still need to have a bit of self-control if you’re really trying to lower your screen time. All in all, this is a solid app that lets you check in on your progress over the weeks to see if you’re making real strides. Again, you do set your own goals instead of being given one to reach, so make sure you set something that’s obtainable.