5 Of The Best Apple Watch Apps If You Practice Yoga – SlashGear

Prayoga is packed with features for your daily yoga routine. It offers a 21-day beginner yoga program so you can ease into learning the poses and get the foundation you need to move on to more advanced classes. It’s also compatible with Apple Watch and shows the amount of time for each pose, a picture of the pose, and helps with breathing exercises. Classes can be as short as 20 minutes though some go for over an hour depending on your skill level and how much exercise time you have. Prayoga even works with Siri so you can say “Prayoga, start evening routine” and it will start your workout.

What really makes Prayoga unique, however, is a feature not found in any of the other Yoga apps. It has an “A.I.-based coach” that can help you with perfecting your form. All you do is set up your phone on a stable service with the camera pointed towards your yoga mat. As you get into a pose, the app can detect your posture and give you suggestions for how you can improve your form. Prayoga also works with the Apple Health app so you can add it to your daily rings.

Prayoga, like many Yoga apps, is a subscription service. It costs $4.99 per month, $11.99 for three months, or $29.99 per year.